The Riskability Exercise -
Creating a EGRCM culture and technology deployment

Understand how to integrate culture in Riskability and the importance of technology in EGRCM implementation.

Date - Wednesday, November 24, 2010
Time - 17:00 CET
Duration - 90 Minutes

A comprehensive EGRCM process is appropriate only when the entire organization is aware of its responsibilities and actions. Early warnings signal and issues that could be a threat to the goals of the organization depend on the disclosure culture. Comprehensive EGRCM can add value to the various business units when a clear link between own performance and EGRCM is established.

Attend this webinar to understand how to create the Riskability culture which consists of shared opinion, sense of urgency, standardized EGRCM processes, knowledge and experience transfer for implementing EGRCM policies and procedures.

The EGRCM methodology is built around technology. The Riskability approach includes a repository to capture and document the online EGRC monitoring, audit data extraction, automation, evidence etc.

Areas covered in the webinar
  • How to develop an effective EGRCM culture that supports the overall vision, mission and objectives of an organization.
  • What are the Issues affecting the structure and culture of organizations and enterprises
  • What are the EGRC tolerance themes to secure an effective EGRCM culture
  • How to integrate EGRC culture to the Riskability processes and frameworks.
  • Let technology paint the new EGRCM road map based on the increasing sophistication (dynamism and complexity of the modern business environment)
  • What is the proper approach to IT EGRCM?
  • Understand the role of IT and technology to enable the operation to recognize the importance of EGRCM.

Who should attend?
  • Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) staff
  • CFO, Treasurers,
  • Chief Risk Officers
  • Chief Legal Counsel,
  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • VPs of Risk Management, VP of Finance, Controllers
  • Director, Internal audit
  • Director, Operational Risk
  • Manager, Enterprise Risk Management
  • Risk analysts
  • IT governance directors/managers
  • IT risk directors/managers
  • IT compliance directors/managers
  • IT Audit directors/managers
  • Information security directors/managers

GRC and IT directors/Consultants involved in following areas- Audit, Compliance, Governance, Risk management, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), Ethics, Regulatory, Legal, Governmental affairs, IT, Accounting, Finance, Reliability, Quality assurance