Riskability® combines the reflective energies of Enterprise Risk Management issues and processes, to create value and promote global excellence.

The consultancy and advisory services of Riskability® are delivered by using the organisations own talent and resources (inside-out). We provide the customised Risk Management processes, templates, roadmaps and frameworks (outside-in) to prompt process integration, automation and cooperation between all stakeholders to create business significance in all Rik Management relationships and transactions. The outside-in component is done thru in-house workshops, conferences, seminars, training & education, certification, newsletters to promote a Risk culture within the organisation.

Riskability® offers dedicated Risk Managment advisory, consultancy and interim resources to corporations, management, directors and professionals. The center of attention of the research on industry-specific topics. The group involves corporations, universities, business schools and governance organisations on four continents.

The primary aim of the advisory is to help companies achieve integrated risk management that unlocks the company cultures and value. To be In-Compliance with ongoing stricter regulations and mandates. The Riskability doctrine will at the same time manage the global Risk Management impact of emerging markets by optimizing Risk issues to IT-Security & automation, giving priority to transparency, accountability and oversight.

Riskability provides global end-to-end Risk Managment platform, with a comprehensive & proven advisory and guidance for the total Enterprise Risk portfolio and components; including Risk issues in Governance components, Compliance Intelligence, Internal Controls, Audit, CSR, Compliance & Policy Management, IT-GRC, Sustainability Management, Bribery Fraud, Corruption (BFC), IT &- Cyber Security Risk Issues.

How to protect stakeholder interests and the integrity of business dealings?
By defining and documenting tolerance limits from tactics to transactions.
"Kersi F. Porbunderwalla, Managing Partner".

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